We integrate with the architectural design team to assist in building programming to maximize meeting/event space per your client’s needs.



Need some help from the sidelines in setting your event goals? How about building accountability and integrity within your organization when it comes to your events? Need help brainstorming fresh event ideas, tracking down resources or negotiating vendor contracts? We can be your “behind the scenes” resource so you shine like a rock star.



Let’s talk about a big picture approach to your events. We’ll comb through what you are currently doing and how that integrates with your brand/mission, staff resources and budget. We’ll ask the hard questions. We’ll listen. And, together we’ll develop a strategy to move your events into more effective, purpose-driven and strategic extensions of your organization.

Systems Development

Systems bring order to chaos. Whether you represent an event venue or an organization that plans regular events, we will work in tandem with you to develop internal processes to streamline the event process, increase accountability and create better communication so that your events are easier and less of a hassle.

Undercover Agent / Event Audit

You’ve been doing your annual Gala for several years now, but it’s starting to feel stale. How do you change it? Should you change it? We’ll attend your event “undercover” to critique they myriad details that comprise your event and discuss options for change. Then, we’ll work on a long term strategy for success.



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A few we’ve had the pleasure to work with: